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Hello all,

Sorry to be the bearer of a fic search, but I need help.  I've just introduced a friend to the wonders of Due South, and now I'm trying to send her fic I know will be relevant to her interests, but I'm struggling to track one down.

It's RayK/Fraser pre-slash or first time, can't quite remember.  Ray is shrunk by some sort of shrinkgun, and Fraser carries him around while they try to sort it out.  I remember that they go shopping at one point so that Ray can get some doll clothes to wear, and he makes himself make-shift weaponry with drawing pins coated with toad poison.

I know that Ray is attracted to Fraser in it, but I can't recall if they get together.  I think there's a sweet scene where they talk about liking needing the other/being needed.

Does that ring any bells?

Many thanks,


Our kink, it is showing y/y?
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Hey everyone,

I'm hoping you guys can help me. I'm looking for two different types of fic.

1. I'm looking for fics that are Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski where Fraser and Vecchio are already together and go after our favorite blonde. ;) I want them to have to work at it, maybe RayK is upset over Vecchio being back or whatever, but I want Fraser and Vecchio to have to work at getting Ray into the relationship. I do like RayK being on the bottom though when things finally get rolling. :)

2. I would love Fraser/RayK fics that revolve around being Pack and Fraser is all Alpha Male on RayK

Also, do you know of any fic search comms for Due South?

Thanks guys. :)
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I just read a very interesting essay about how in a lot of ds slash fraser is depicted as an abusive partner and ray is a door mat. After I finished reading I thought to myself, hmmm, I've never read anything like that but now I'm curious and want to read things that might fit this decription to see what I think of the characterization. Sooooo...can anyone rec me anything that might fit this out of charcter desciption? Or feel free to point me in the direction of someone/ the right comm to post this question to, thanks!
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Good Day all - my first livejournal post ever and I come to you with a quest to find a story. I apologize is this is not allowed. Just tell me and I'll punish myself by not listening to the Foo Fighters for a whole week.

Anyhoo - I read a Fraser /RayK story a while back (like maybe years back) in which they were living together in Canadia, er sorry, Canada, post series, and it seems like they had a passel of kids, either fosters or adopted. Cannot remember which. I also remember that maybe they drove a humvee. That's all I've got.

I've searched high and low and scoured the internet, and I've not been able to find it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

Much thanks, and I look forward to reading the stories on this journal. I'm happy people are still writing in this fandom.

~ Wonderfoo, the Iconless
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So I happened to catch part of an episode and it got me hooked, and then the channel they were showing it on isn't showing it anymore. Frustrating to say the least.

Anyway, I'm looking for some good fic recs to tide me over until the DVD I ordered arrives. XD

Pretty much anything Fraser/Kowalski you've read and liked; any rating. And angst is fine, as long as there's no character death, because I'm a total sap and generally end up crying at it. Lol.

So please, rec away!

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This is a general request for any F/K fic involing Ray and/or fraser growing up - so first kiss, lossing virginity, puberty, first gf/bf ect.

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I was just wondering if anyone knew any stories where Fraser gets hurt? Don't really mind how, or what genre etc, just as long as there's Fraser Owies.

Thanks in advance!

Find A Fic

Mar. 31st, 2006 12:08 am
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I was gone for a while and while I was gone I copied all the fic I found on my lj and put it in notepad so i could save it and read it on my laptop (which was offline for 8 days) and I tried to put at the end of each one the addy.

Sadly, I missed one.

Does anyone have the address for,

Title: Tomorrow and Ever After
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC17
Summary: A visit to Chicago

This fic? I would love to rec it but without an address I can't. /pouts/

Thanks a bunch in advance.

Fic search

Feb. 3rd, 2006 01:46 pm
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I been trying for ages to find a fic that i pretty sure i read in the due south archive. Ray K is able to see ghosts, like that kid in sixth sense . Pretty sure at begin of the fic he hears Fraser and his father talking and suprises them both when he tell bob to shut. please help it been driving crazy. I'm been try so many search term and try looking at all the summaries but gettting no where fast. so please let me know.
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Hey there, folks,

I'm new around here (at LJ), but I've been a DS fan since reruns began on TNT. Anywho, I just saw "The Blue Line" on DVD, and I'm wondering if there are any Fraser/Mark Smithbauer fics around? Yeah, maybe I'm odd, but...there were vibes...

So, how about it?


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