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Hey gang,
I'm in the process of writing my first full dS fic and wondered if anyone here would willing to beta, offer construtive critscism and generally hold my hand. It's a RayK/Fraser fic, lots of angst but will have a happy ending. (hopefully we'll see where the bunnies lead) I have a first little part wriiten. Anybody interested?
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I've been working on the fan fiction history wiki and noticed that several articles related to Due South are rather sparse. These include: Due South, the Ray Wars, Due South fanzines, Bindlestitch, and Due South real person fic. I was hoping some one could edit a few of the articles, adding additional information on the history of Due South fan fiction community. Any additions would be very much appreciated. :) And finding others who might be able to help on that article or others on the site would be fantastic.
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Hi, I just recently got interested in Due South after seeing slash illustrations and stories of it (lol). I would just like to know, are Vecchio and Fraser really together in the tv series? (or maybe it is just hinted to.) Whenever I search for Due South info, I do get links to communities for slash and a lot of the userpics of the members show some kind of intimacy between the two characters, so that is why I am wondering.

Here are some userpic examples )

I have never seen the tv series, since I was maybe still a careless child when it aired, but I'm thinking of starting :)
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Hello all!

I wasn't sure where to post this question, but I thought one of you may know the answer.

Does anyone have an mp3 of Paul Gross' Call of the Wild commentary, or know where I could get it, as I do not have the canadian version of the dvds? Thank you kindly!

FYI, the blooper reel is on youtube, OMFGROFL!


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